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We offer a wide range of landlord services:

  Fully Managed Service

The fully managed service is our most popular option among landlords that want a worry and stress free rental service. The service aims to deal with all day to day management of a property, so you don't have to.

  Fully Managed Service with Rent Guarantee

The fully managed service with rent guarantee is our most comprehensive protective service for landlords that don't want the stress of day to day management of their property, or the worry that the rent won't be paid.

  Rent Collection Service

The rent collection service is perfect for landlords who do not want the hassle of collecting rent but are happy to do the day to day property management.

  Tenant Find Only Service

The tenant find only service is ideal for an experienced landlord who is happy to deal with the day to day management of their property.

Download our Brochure of Service, and a full detailed explanation of each service offered.

  Brochure of Service

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